Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcome to Cheap Timeshare Rental

Welcome to Cheap Timeshare Rental!!

Why pay more for timeshare rental when you can have a value for money holiday??

We have updated our list of condo, apartment and resorts available for holiday rentals.

Check out our resorts in Malaysia and Gold Coast, Australia.


For more info, email us at Thriftholidays @ gmail. com

or fill in the enquiry / booking form .

Note: Advance booking of 14 days is required for non-peak.
For school / public holidays, advance booking of 2-3 months is advisable


krizalzul said...

Salam kenal dari saya, Bagus juga teknik anda ini ya. Dalam mendapat kan google adsense.

Cheap timeshare rental said...

actually this blog's main purpose is to promote my holiday timeshare..
adsense consider side income.. but its ok la..good for passive income